Makeup for Beginners + Drugstore vs. High End Products to Start With!

Makeup can be so hard to learn, especially when you’re completely new. It can be intimidating to follow makeup artists on YouTube and Instagram because they’re pros and when you’re just starting out, you try to copy one of their videos and feel that your look isn’t even close to the look you were trying to achieve. We all have to start somewhere and it comes with practice. Read about my makeup journey and check out my reviews on products that are good to start with- both drugstore and high end!

Traveling With a Newborn

At just 1-month old, I brought my newborn son on vacation. *GASP!!* I know, it’s crazy to think-especially since a lot of people have given me advice that it’s not the best to even bring them out of the house at 1-month….but we did it! And it was so successful. Read about our journey!

Keeping your friends….your friends for life!

As we get older, we seem to feel less and less connected to even our closest friends. Some of us may be hitting the books hard in school, beginning our dream careers, getting married, starting families, traveling the world, etc. It’s just so easy and relaxing to focus on ourselves that we hardly have time to maintain relationships with people in our lives. Read about how I’ve kept in touch with my closest friends since the beginning of High School all the way into adulthood and follow my tips if you’ve been struggling to keep in touch!

How to Help Yourself Deal With Postpartum ‘Blues’!

When I found out I was pregnant at 23, I freaked out- just like anyone who wasn’t planning for a baby would. Though I took the news well (I kinda had too) and had a great pregnancy, there were so many emotions that ran through me after I gave birth. Postpartum has always been discussed to me as something that may happen….and it did. Read about how I dealt with my ‘blues’ in my first few weeks after giving birth.