About Me


I assume you click on the ‘About Me’ link to learn about me, right? 😉

My name’s Alyssa and I was born and raised in Washington State- Greater Seattle Area but reside out in the suburbs. I’m 24 years old and a FIRST TIME MOM! to my son Alijah who was born in June of 2017. I am not yet officially married but I have been with the love of my life for 6 years now. I guess we’re one of the “High School Sweetheart” love stories that actually carried out longer than usual.

I decided to blog for so many reasons….

Being a first time mom, Google has literally been my best friend. Google has brought me to so many blogs to answer questions I have had throughout pregnancy all the way to birth and after. I decided that throughout these experiences, I should blog too! Not only to document all the fun little experiences I have being a mom, but to also share these with other FTM’s or anyone in general.

BUT, I don’t only want to speak about being a mom (though I can go on and on for hours about motherhood) because I have so much more going on in my life.

I love to have fun and getaway for a little bit and have couple drinks with my best girl friends, I love to travel, I love food…and I LOVE makeup(!!!!!!!!).

Other than the positives, I go through rough times so often too so I want to make sure I can be of help to those who go through similar tough situations as I do.

I think the stress of being a mom can get so overwhelming that we start to cross over into the postpartum blues and it’s so important to remember to have fun and always b e y o u r s e l f .

You’ll learn so much more about me by each post I publish and I really just hope you all can enjoy my blog and your time to getting to know me!