How to Help Yourself Deal With Postpartum ‘Blues’!

WELCOME TO MY FIRST BLOG POST! It’s a pleasure…truly. 🙂

My son is officially 6 weeks old. Which means I am officially over the 6 week postpartum hump where you can’t really do much as ordered by your doctor, midwife, etc.

6 Weeks ago, I was sitting in the hospital with major contractions for 22 hours until my Midwife comes in at 3 AM and tells me that I need an emergency C-Section. 22 hours of painful contractions just to tell me that I need to have a human CUT OUT of my body? I was panicking. I promise you I have never in my life been so nervous. I was shaking so much and there was nothing I could to relieve this anxiety my body was going through. I was SCARED y’all. [If you are at all curious about my c-section procedure and want to hear more about it, request it and let me know and I’ll make an entire post about it]

Fast forward to bringing my precious, lovely, handsome son home…

I cried 7 days straight after we brought him home. Lack of sleep, flashbacks of the scariest procedure of my life, hormones….

A week later, I had an appointment with my midwife who asked me if I had any postpartum depression. Of course I said no, because I didn’t want to be referred or ordered to go see a therapist. But I struggled with that question over the next few days….. “Do I have postpartum depression?”

I beat myself up over it. I would look at my beautiful son, cry…..and cry…. and cry.

Now after much research, I realized that postpartum depression is a lot more severe than what I was feeling(?) and I realized it was time to start doing something to help myself before I really would need professional help.


  1. Have baby’s father babysit him for a night a week and get some time for yourself. – If you’re not a stay at home mom, you’re on maternity leave from work and chances are your child’s father has definitely not been granted as much time as you, so he is back at work full-time. This has left you alone with the baby for hours a day feeling somewhat restless. On your husband/boyfriend/partner’s off day, ask him to spend some time with the baby and take the chance to get away. Whether it’s going to the nail salon to get a mani/pedi, going to hang out with your girlfriends for happy hour appetizers + drinks, going shopping for some clothes once you lose all your baby weight, or even going for a drive with your music blasting. Take some time for you to recollect yourself, feel like yourself again. You carried a baby for 9 months- but since they weren’t here yet, you had all your alone time. TAKE IT. Even if only for a couple hours.
  2. Set a sleeping schedule up with significant other or person helping you out. – Lack of sleep could be causing your emotions to be all over the place….and this doesn’t help since your hormones are at an all-time high while your body is adjusting to get things back in order. The first couple of weeks, I would feed baby and let “baby-daddy” sleep because I assumed as a Mother, I should be doing it all! If he tried to help, I would tell him just to sleep because he has work and needs rest. After a couple weeks, I had black lines and dark circles under my eyes. I hadn’t done my makeup in weeks and I felt like a real-life zombie. I told my boyfriend, I’ll feed him anytime before midnight, and you feed him up until 5 AM. This worked out perfectly. My boyfriend works the PM shift, so him staying up late isn’t a problem…he’s a big video game dude anyways and loves his online tournaments or whatever. I would wake up for the feeding anytime after 5 AM- which sometimes extended to 7 AM for his next feeding! I started getting 6+ hours straight of sleep per night with this schedule and things instantly started improving due to how much rest i was getting.
  3.  Eat!!!!! Eat like you’re still pregnant – Since you’re still in your first 6 weeks, your doctor probably hasn’t approved you to exercise yet. You still look pregnant and have a leftover baby pouch, and since you can’t lose it yet, just eat! I know all bodies are different, so please understand I am talking from personal experience. FOOD has helped me through all tough times in my life. Through High School breakups, College finals, PREGNANCY at most…why wouldn’t it help my blues postpartum? I ate as much as possible. My son’s pediatrician approved him to leave the house 1 week postpartum, so we were going to restaurants, I made sure I got my sushi fix since I couldn’t eat raw fish, and I was just feastin’ on and having myself a good time. This comforted me so much. I haven’t exercised or dieted at all. I had my 6 week check-up and I am only 3 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight. No effort on my end except eating like a pig.
  4. Find a hobby – So your baby is sleeping and your man is at work. You aren’t tired. What are you going to do? For me, it was downloading games onto my iPhone and getting addicted. Candy Crush, Vegas Slot Games, SimCity, etc…. but these aren’t hobbies so I had to do something. I began researching and finding ways on how I can earn income while I am on maternity leave since my company does not pay for it [I PROMISE you once I get more of a following I will post all of the ways I made money online]. That helped, and that’s how I got to making a blog. But this is my first post and I’m 6 weeks postpartum, so I started reading. I downloaded so many interesting sounding books on my iPad and read away. I can finish a whole back in probably 3 days. Binge-watching on Netflix was not an option because that’s how I occupied my time my whole 9 months of pregnancy *shrugs*. Hey, whatever it is that you can find interesting, go for it! Occupy your time. Keep yourself entertained while baby’s sleeping.
  5. Last but not least, and probably most important to breaking those blues…… spend some time really loving, admiring, and playing with your baby – It took me a little bit, because the crying, my self body-shaming, and lack of sleep was really getting to me…but I started really spending time building a bond with my son. I started finding the ways to make him stop crying, best positions to feed him in, ways to sing to him and make him smile, and started even putting together his outfits to take pictures in. The time I spent with him really helped me create a bond day-by-day so I would stop waking up each morning to his face just to say “Oh God, what am I going to do with this child?”

This is not expert advice, as I am no expert. This is all simply just the way I have been able to deal with my postpartum blues and basically kill them off completely. It took time, but here I am 6 weeks later and I think I got this mommy thing down to a T…. at least for the beginner stage.

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